Joy is a hair stylist and color specialist with experience in precision cutting, high-lift blond, and fun and formal up-dos. Although originally from New Hampshire, Joy has been in Phoenix for nearly 14 years and has more than 16 years of professional experience in the beauty industry.  Joy enjoys giving hair lots of texture and movement, and adding dimension and depth with color. However, after 16 years she understands the power of a good, thorough consultation to be sure that she is helping you achieve the look that you want.

While attending Arizona State University, Joy worked backstage with the Theatre on campus, giving her hands-on experience with theatre makeup and wig design. After receiving her bachelor’s degree from ASU, she went on to work in marketing and graphic design for several years, giving her more in-depth and well-rounded knowledge of design and color theory.

Joy has always had a special love for design and art in many mediums. She believes that hair and makeup are artistic design forms that can bring out new levels of self confidence and self expression. A day at the salon can be a fun and exciting way for individuals to find new ways to creatively and therapeutically express themselves.

Additionally, as an active member of the National Professional Beauty Association, Joy regularly participates in continuing education, keeping her up-to-date on the latest and hottest coast-to-coast beauty trends and techniques.